Michael has always enjoyed teaching workshops. He is flexible and creative in finding locations, instruments, rhythms and styles.
Within his workshops he uses rhythms from Brazil and Cuba and there is usually a hint of African also.
Michael ensures that each participant works at his / her level receivs a suitable role within the workshop. He regularly organizes workshops for various foundations such as "Outdoor Art", "Nyama" and "Swing".

Workshops for Businesses
Percussion is not only a fun and relaxing activity, it is also very instructive. Using themes of communication percussion workshops can work as a mirror. Using this mirror as a reference Michael helps the organizations by developing new skills and insights. The emphasis is on nonverbal communication instead of verbal communication. Below are are few of the themes covered:

• Communication
• Teamwork
• Intercultural work
• Leadership

Michael uses his enthusiasm and patience to produce a positive result. Past organizations where Michael has given workshops include: Philips, KPMG, World Wildlife Fund, AMC, Mental Health and ABN AMRO.

Band Coaching
As a band coach Michael's expertise is often requested.
Through his years of experience and study trips to Cuba, Brazil, Senegal and The Gambia, he uses his knowledge to assist bands in their repertoire. If there are problems in the rhythm, arrangement or even the set-up he can identify and remedy them.
In addition, if you'd like a new arrangement to suit your group then Michael is the person to see. Groups such as: Tak'n Djola,  Outra Vez,
Femmes Vattaal en  Percossa are just a few who have used his services. image